Each site has an appointed Safety Officer

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our trading standards and the operating procidures we enforce across  our diverse range of service leavel agreements . All pecurment and outsourcing is strictly governed all  relevent agencies ISO , RECI, RGII etc.


The Safety Officer’s specific responsibilities are:


• To apply corporate policies on health, safety, and welfare.


• To co-ordinate and prioritise for action, any health, safety, and welfare issues raised by safety audits or by individual employees.


• To ensure that all systems of work are regularly reviewed from a health, safety, and welfare point of view.


• To ensure, in consultation with the General Managers and Heads of Function, that buildings equipment and facilities are maintained to high standards and are safe as reasonably practicable.


• To consult, where necessary, with individual employees on health, safety, and welfare issues affecting them and take appropriate action arising from the consultations.


• To ensure that all statutory and recommended safety inspections /certifications are recorded, e.g. for equipment such as fire extinguishers.


• To monitor health, safety, and welfare training needs and to advise the General Managers accordingly.


• To investigate and review accidents occurring on all or any premises.


• To liaise with regulatory bodies, e.g., Health and Safety Authority.


• To communicate with employees, contractors, and visitors, where appropriate, on health and safety issues.





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